New citation mapping feature on Web of Science

Citation Mapping is powerful new Web of Science visualization tool which allows you to visualize citation relationships and understand the meaning of a cited reference search. You can map citations by author, institution, country, subject etc.

To access the citation mapping feature, do the following:

1.       Carry out a search in Web of Science;

2.       In your list of results you should see a field labelled ‘Times Cited’. This must be more than zero for the citation mapping feature to work fully. If this figure is more than zero, go to step 3.

3.       Click on the one of the hyperlinked titles in your results list;

4.       Once you have accessed the full record of an article you should see a link labelled ‘Citation Map’. Click on this link;

5.       Select which kind of map you want (you should get a choice of 3) and then click on the ‘Create’ button in the bottom right of your screen.

6.       Your citation map should be created.

For more details on citation mapping take look at this online tutorial provided by Thomson Reuters:


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