Eurocode 1

With the publication of the national annex for Eurocode 1: actions on structures – Part 1-4: General Actions – Wind actions at the end of October, UK local authorities can now accept Eurocode building designs as complying with Building Regulations.

Structural Eurocodes are a set of unified international codes of practice for designing buildings and civil engineering structures, which will eventually replace national codes like the British Standards. You can access the full text of all British Standards and Eurocodes on the British Standards Online database which is available via the Digital Library.

From March 2010, all public sector works will need to be designed to Eurocodes and British Standards will no longer be updated. There are 10 Eurocodes in total – one explaining the basis of design to Eurocodes and the principles behind them, one explaining load cases to be considered, one for each of the major materials – steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminium and composite construction – one for seismic design and one for geotechnical design. Each consists of a number of parts and is accompanied by national annexes, which give country specific values and guidelines. All ten Eurocodes have now been published as well as a large majority of the national annexes.

For more details on the Eurocodes for structures see the NCE website.


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