Change in ScienceDirect access to affect alerts & saved searches

From Friday, 16 Jan 2009 you will no longer be able to use your Athens login to access ScienceDirect as the Library’s login system to ScienceDirect is changing. You will access ScienceDirect in much the same way as you do now using Athens. Please follow these steps:

1.     Go to ScienceDirect and select the ‘Institution login’ option to the top right of the screen

2.     Select ‘UK Access Management Federation’ from the drop-down menu and then click ‘Go’

3.     Select ‘Imperial College London’ from the list

4.     Enter your College username & password

5.     Select ‘NESLI Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, Shibboleth’ and then click ‘Continue’

Please note: if you have created a personal profile to save alerts or searches on ScienceDirect these settings will be lost when we cease using Athens on 16 Jan. ScienceDirect have informed us that these alerts and saved searches cannot be transferred to the new system.

To ensure you keep your alerts and saved searches, please make a note of those you want to continue before the changeover. After the changeover date, you can set up your alerts and searches again.


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