Changes to Digimap Ordnance Survey collection

On 26 Jan 2010, the Digimap Classic mapping facility available in the Ordnance Survey (OS) collection will be removed and will no longer be available for use.

Any maps present in your Classic Map Chest on 26 January will be lost.  Please ensure that you print or save any maps that you require before 26 January.  Please contact the EDINA Helpdesk ( if you require any assistance in saving or printing maps from Classic.

Digimap Roam (released in October 2009) replaces Classic as the standard mapping facility in Digimap OS Collection.  Key features of Roam include: 12 fixed scale map views, click-and-drag navigation or “slippy maps” and enhanced printing options enabling you to generate printable PDF maps in landscape or portrait and A4 or A3 size.  Digimap Roam is a significant improvement on Classic, providing many enhanced futures and an easier to use, more intuitive user interface.


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