New ‘Roam’ feature now available on Geology Digimap

Currently available as a BETA service, Geology Roam is a new mapping facility within the Geology Digimap Collection which allows you to view and print geology maps at 12 different zoom levels.

Geology Roam is based upon the Roam mapping client from Digimap’s OS Collection and includes standard features such as fixed scale map views, map content customisation, searching by place name, postcode and grid reference, bookmarking etc.

Geology Roam contains BGS DiGMap-625, DiGMap-250 and DiGMap-50 geology datasets and Ordnance Survey backdrop mapping.  The geological data includes bedrock, superficial deposits, mass movement and faults.

Key features of Geology Roam include the ability to decrease/increase the opacity of the geology data over an Ordnance Survey back-drop map.  A single click on the map will query the geology data and display details about the bedrock and any superficial deposits found at that point.

Geology Roam features a new printing interface that will become standard in all the Roam mapping clients.  The new printing interface enables you to resize and reposition the map, and to add a map title and National Grid lines.


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