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Potential delays to document delivery services at the British Library

Traces of asbestos have been found in storage buildings at the British Library in Boston Spa. This means some areas will be closed temporarily and certain services may be unavailable.

Work has started on the removal of the asbestos and will continue through 2011. Up to 30% of document delivery material may be affected.

However the British Library is prioritising universities such as Imperial College for any document delivery requests they receive. The Library will of course be looking for other locations to fulfil document delivery requests if delays occur.


Changes to the Document Delivery service

Fed up with requesting articles via inter-library loan and trudging over to the Central Library to collect them? Well, if you are, then I am the bearer of good news:

As Imperial College staff/students you now have the option to receive articles requested via the British Library direct to your desktop (in PDF format). For information on how to register for this service see the Library’s Secure Electronic Delivery page.

If you haven’t used the library’s Document Delivery service before, you may want to read the library website.  (The Document Delivery service was previously known as the inter-library loans service).